The Neo-Renaissance building, Château Savoy, built between the years 1899 and 1890 according to the design by Josef Rydrych, was built in proximity to the original chain bridge, on the site of some Mala Strana houses that were adjacent to the early Gothic church of  St. John the Baptist at the Laundry – one of the oldest preserved Gothic buildings on the Mala Strana.

An important driver for urban change in the former appearance of this part of the city in the mid-19th century was the construction of the chain bridge under  Emperor Francis I. – connecting Mala Strana with Old Town.

This created an important new boulevard, named Chotkova Třída in honor of Count Chotek, and known today as Vítězná. Unique Late Classical apartment buildings then quickly grew in Vítězná Street and its surroundings. 

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