The location of Château Savoy breathes romance and its own unique charm.

The street got its name, Šeříková, thanks to the intoxicatingly fragrant bushes of unusual size, which bloomed here in the so-called Fleischinger garden. The bushes were supposedly so expansive that they extended over burgher Fleischinger’s garden wall into the street. Originally, this section of Mala Strana was called “By the Chain Bridge”, and the street only bears its contemporary name since 1870.

There is always something to discover here on Mala Strana, within walking distance of the residence. Whether you want to delve into the greenery of Petřín, enjoy art at the  Sovovy gallery, go out for excellent sushi the establishment called The Sushi Bar, have a Mexican dinner at Cantina or soak up the atmosphere of First Republic cafes in the nearby, renowned cafe with first-rate service, Café Savoy, build according to a design by Lazar Kraus, or the Cafe Slavia on the opposite end of the bridge - everything is close at hand. 

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